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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Art of the Dutch Oven

So thanks to our wonderful neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Walk.... we finally seasoned and used our dutch ovens!!!! After a long awaited 6 years, they have been greased up, cured and baked in. Adam chose to make a lemon apple crisp that was, shall we say, delectable! Shaun made cheesy potatos with bacon and onions and we had burgers, dogs caliente, tuna salad, green salad (provided by the wonderful Mumfords), ice cream, chips with dill dip... it was a shmorgasboard of wonderful things! It was such a great evening. Thanks for the great Memorial Day!

It all started with the prep work:
So the prep work was a lot easier than expected. Just peeling apples and mixing dry ingredients. Why don't I do this more often???
Oh wait, because it takes forever to cook, right, I forgot!
The dutch ovens, potatoes on the left, apple crisp on the right. Shaun, very politely reminding me every 10 minutes to check the progress. I forgot he was doing this for my benefit. Thanks Shaun!!!

It's almost time:

The apple crisp looking mighty tasty! (I hope that's what it is supposed to look like!)
It's all in the presentation folks:
I must say, it looks quite delicious. I was so proud of myself that it actually turned out.
The test:
The kid loved it.... oh wait... he didn't eat any apple crip, just ice cream... oh well!

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