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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Love Letter to My Dearest

My Love. Day two without you proved to be a challenging one. Noah and I miss you a lot! I hope things at home are finding you well. I know you have been keeping yourself busy. We walked around a lot today and Noah was so tired. He played hard and slept harder, for about 20 minutes. He is doing pretty well without his naps. He has been having these emotional breakdowns when he doesn't get what he wants, results of no sleep! They have made it hard for me and I miss not having you with me to help with him. You are such a good dad and husband. We walked through a beautiful archway today at Balboa Park... I started dreaming of you again being with me holding my hand. I miss holding your hand. I will dream of you again tonight. You're handsome self! I think tonight we'll go somewhere quiet and romantic, just to be together. Maybe a stranded beach somewhere. Doesn't that sound nice! Well, I hope you dream tonight too and I hope you find me there, being that it is stranded, you won't be able to ask for direstions! You know the great thing about being here with Noah? He has so much of you in him it's like you're here too! Love you, MUAH!

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