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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a long day...... I need you!

My Love My Love... oh how I needed you today. Noah decided to test me to my limits and then back again. We dealt with our first public melt down and I really didn't know what to do. I wish you were there to talk to about it and help me feel like the choices we are making for our son are right. I value your opinion so much... even though I fight with you about it quite often... please don't stop sharing! Noah and I had about a 15 minute stand off in the parking lot today. He was so tired and I was so tired and we both seemed to just want to fight. We had to take the long way to our room because the stairs we usually take were being worked on... weird! Well, he didn't want to walk and he didn't want me to carry him. He just cried and cried, so finally I just started walking to our room, well he lost it (and don't worry we have most of it on film!) People were walking by looking at me like I was some psychotic mom and for some reason I felt the need to explain myself. Although one lady told me to stick to my guns, and so I did. Noah finally gave in, after I promised we would watch Dora and eat all sorts of junk food!!! So that's exactly what we did when we got to our room. He was so hard to deal with today and I desperately need a break. I hope I can make it for 3 more days. My mom is helping as much as she can, but I worry I bite her head off every 5 seconds, you know how I get when I'm tired! I'll have to do something really nice for her when we get back, she has been an angel! I hope your trip is going well. I am sure you are enjoying the time with your dad and brother. I'm glad you are able to do that. Sorry this has been more of a "poor me" post than a "I miss you and love your guts" post. I just needed to get it all out so I can go to bed and stop thinking about it. Come home to us safely!!!



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