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Monday, May 18, 2009

OuR lItTlE oAsIs

With work and life being so crazy lately, I have found a secret place that I can go to and feel happy. I can be there with the people that I love.
We Laugh.
We Play.
We Remember.
We Sit.
We drink Pero.
We sometimes get eaten by bugs... a minor setback.
We Laugh some more.
This wonderful little place is also know as our backyard!
It has become this amazing world where Noah can play safely. Where he can learn how to play in the water and the dirt. Somewhere Adam and I can teach him how food grows so someday he can share that with his children. It is mine and My Dearest's romantic getaway. It's currently all we can afford. The best part about it is that it is ours and no one else's and for that it is special!

This magical little bench found it's way to our garden. It fits quite nicely and so there it will stay!

My precious son finally learning that it is okay for your feet to be wet and have grass stuck all over them.

The wonderful watering can that helps feed all our plants, and Noah's toys.

Noah being his curious little self.

Ladybugs... lots and lots of Ladybugs. (Watch this and you'll know what I'm talking about!)

I love that Noah now loves playing in the water.

Such a helper.


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babbler said...

Your blog makes my heart feel happy! Thanks for a great blog, the pictures are so touching and warm. Very beautiful. Have a fun day Tuesday! Love from Mrs. Slug