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Thursday, November 5, 2009

October Goals.... done????

Let's see.......

1. Finish Brother Travis Christmas present.... I only have about an hour of work left on this to complete it.... so I'd say it's almost done!

2. Tie and bind both jean quilts. One done, One still needs to be tied.... will be done this weekend.. WOOT WOOT!

3. Pick up Christmas gifts for all my wonderful neighbors. Ooops... didn't get done... I promise I won't forget all of you!


1. Finish tieing jean quilt.

2. Finish brother's Christmas gift.

3. Make 3 Go To Quilts.

4. Pick up neighbor gifts.


1 comment:

Annie said...

Ash, when are you finding time to do all this? I haven't been getting a dang thing done for Christmas! I best get crackin!