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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tardy..... What did I do in September????

Okay Okay.... so this is a little, no a lot late!!!!! Here are the things I was able to complete in the month of September......

1. Organize the recently finished desk and hutch. (Will post pics soon, it's BOOTIFUL!) oops!

2. Go to the Farmer's Market before it ends for the year. I bought fry sauce and shoes for Noah... you would have thought produce was on my list... oh no! However, I did find out the fry sauce I bought is available at Wally World... oh well!

3. Take Noah to the ZOO! Done and might I say it was fantastic!

4. Stich together 2 jean quilt tops. Done and Done

5. Make 8 ties. This is now on my December To Do's

I am feeling rather good about my list.

Did you complete all the things on your list????


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