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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going Batty!

So recently while flipping through the most wonderful magazine I found this

and my heart went a flutter!!!

I have never been one to decorate our house for Halloween.... like ever! But now having a two year old little boy who thinks dirt and spiders are cool, I thought I better get in the game. Here is my very meager attempt at recreating the most wonderful Halloween door I.have.ever.seen!! Really!
And unlike the bats in the lovely display at the beginning of this post.... mine seem to all fly in the same direction... because that's how we roll here!

and.... my bats seem to sparkle when they go out in the sun...hmm... that's weird!! (said while displaying a sheepish grin)

And in case any of you forgot:

Happy Hauntings!


Spansih Fork Tribe said...

Ashley your so funny!! Emily and I think you did a great job decorating your door.

Jokilyn said...

Hey Ashley - I just found your blog! Can I just say that is the coolest thing ever!! I love the bats!! (And the fact that they sparkle!!) :) You're so dang clever, I love it!