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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Independence Day

Freedom, WOOT WOOT...... This year for the 4th we celebrated our little hearts out. I ran in the annual Freedom Festival in Provo. It was a good experience this year. I finished in 29 min and 52 seconds.... My goal was 29 minutes so I feel pretty contect with myself. We watched the Provo parade afterwards. I have heard many wonderful things about this parade and was so excited but frankly.... i was a little disappointed. The loud fire trucks are always fun, the marching bands are good... but what about the candy and clowns and horses and fun floats??? They were very few and far between. We left a little early because Noah got restless and frankly so did I! We went to Ice Age with Noah. It was his first movie experience. Can I just tell you I love this reserved seating idea. We were able to pick which theatre we went to depending on how full it was. We got a whole row to ourselves. We baught the biggest tub of popcorn... dinner that night.... and got hunkered in our seats and anxiously waited for the movie to start. Nervous about how Noah would react to the noise and the movie. He did GREAT! He ate almost the whole tub of popcorn by himself and made it through almost the whole movie. By the end, Adam and I played book ends on our row and Noah just ran inbetween us. It was pretty relaxing actually! We then bought some snaps, sparklers and snakes and went home for our newly found tradition. Noah loved the snakes the most, who knows why, they are the most boring thing. He loved the snaps, didn't care too much for the sparklers and acquired his very first wasp bite. It was a very eventful day spent with the two most important people I know whom I love dearly.

Noah was a little afraid of the sparklers... granted they did shoot fire out of one end!! And smoke... wow there was so much smoke.....
My boys.... how I love my boys.....
My Beloved going over firework safety with Noah bug

The snakes were Noah's favorites....BORING.... oh well... we'll get him some good fireworks next year!!!
Noah loved the snaps. He couldn't throw them hard enough so he ran around stomping on them. Hey whateva works! I thought he was going to hyper extend his leg.


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